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Marietta Obgyn

Full-Service OBGYN in Marietta, GA

If you are looking for an OBGYN in Marietta GA, you have come to the right spot. We are compassionate, affordable gynecologists, urogynecologists and healthcare practitioners caring for women in all stages of life as a full-service Marietta women’s OBGYN office. Whether you need an infertility doctor in Marietta or another OBGYN specialist, our healthcare professionals are here for you.

Our gynecologist clinic in Marietta is a complete practice affording quality attention to each lady in our care. Our goal is to provide a comfortable space for OBGYN clinic patients while maintaining a highly qualified team of Marietta medical specialists to meet a variety of healthcare patient needs.

Marietta Services We Offer:

Our Marietta OBGYN clinic provides a full array of women's health services including:

It is our goal to partner with women to enhance health and wellness within a friendly and respectful environment. We are committed to quality healthcare and individualized attention to every patient's needs. With this commitment, we encourage our patients to have active roles where their health is concerned.

So, let’s go into why you should utilize our OBGYN services and what really sets us apart from other clinics in the Marietta area…


Regular Gynecologic Care Is Essential

The importance of regular gynecological care cannot be overstated. All women need regular pap tests and yearly exams. Mammograms are recommended biannually for all women after age 50 (except for those ladies who may need them sooner). Regular gynecological health screenings are essential for prevention and early detection of a host of ills.

Whether you are specifically looking for a female gynecologist, need a general women specialist in Marietta, or have been unhappy with other OBGYN clinics, call our gynecologist and urogynecologist clinic in Marietta to schedule your appointment today! You can reach us at 770-977-3513!

We Are Fertility Specialists

Infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after 1 year of unprotected sex (6 months if you are over 35). As many as 1 in 8 couples, or 6.7 million women annually, will experience infertility. Our caring practitioners stay abreast of the latest information on fertility assistance and are well experienced in the making babies! Your doctor may recommend a range of options to help you welcome your baby.

If you want to add on to your family, and you need a caring infertility doctor in Marietta, call us; we will be happy to help you today. We offer fertility planning and fertility services in Marietta. We are THE OBGYN specialists in Marietta and can be reached at 770-977-3513!


Compassionate Obstetrical Care for Mother and Baby To Be

Regular obstetrical care during pregnancy is crucial for healthy outcomes. Our doctors deliver babies every day and you will feel at home for your regular obstetrical visits in our office of OBGYN specialists in Marietta.

In just 40 weeks or less, the human baby grows from being small enough to fit on the head of a pin into a full term 7 to 8 (or more) pound infant. A woman's body as well goes through a multitude of sometimes surprising changes. An amazing pregnancy fact is that, among the other things enlarging and growing during this time, a woman's heart physically enlarges in this season of her life! Click changes in a pregnant woman’s body for more information on what to expect.

Our Marietta doctors and staff are comfortable and familiar with this special time and are here to answer your questions and advise you on what to expect. Call our OBGYN in Marietta, GA to schedule your prenatal appointment today. You can reach our appointment desk by calling 770-977-3513! 

Ultrasound technology is one of the many services we offer in our offices and this will be your favorite reason to visit. Ultrasounds are painless and offer a phenomenal view of your baby as he or she grows.

And when time to deliver your bundle of joy arrives, you could not be in better hands. Whether you are planning a vaginal birth, a cesarean, attempting a VBAC, want to go natural, or desire anesthesia or medication, our doctors are experienced, capable, and caring—setup to carry out the labor in a way that is acceptable and necessary for your particular situation. 


Family Planning and Birth Control Options

If you are more interested in avoiding pregnancy, we are the women specialists’ clinic in Marietta to visit.

The options for family planning and birth control are greater than ever before. Whether your choice is "the pill," an implanted device, a barrier method, permanent sterilization, or something else, we will be careful to safely advise and help you to decide which option is best for you.

Diagnostics and Surgery

For problems and complaints, we offer diagnostic services in our Marietta, GA office, including ultrasound and even a lab. Should you need surgery, our doctors are skilled surgeons and our specialists perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on a regular basis. We can help you with any of these procedures:

Minimally invasive procedures can be performed in our comfortable offices. For hospital procedures, our doctors enjoy privileges in several of the best hospitals. We are your best choice, if you need a second opinion, as well.

Caring for Ladies of Every Age, at Every Stage

From annual gynecologist exams for all ages, to obstetrical care, family planning or avoidance or fertility needs, to surgeries and exams, if you need a female gynecologist in Marietta, call us. We offer a full range of fertility services in the Marietta area and we are known for being the best gynecologists in Georgia. You can call us at 770-977-3513 for all your Marietta gynecology needs; we are THE women specialists for the job!

We accept many insurances and offer affordable treatments. We are the office to visit for all Marietta women’s OBGYN and we want to be your new OBGYN. Do you want to know more? Access our FAQs page here or call us at 770-977-3513. Your wait time can be shortened by filling out necessary forms prior to your visit. You can access these forms here. Our on-site lab further reduces hassle and waiting, if you require additional diagnostic work. We value your time and aim to keep hassles and waiting to a minimum!

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